Exterior Renovation

Exterior Renovation

At the Muller Construction and Management Company, we will offer you a wide range of exterior renovation choices…  We can work on or install the following items and more: windows & doors, siding& stucco, pavers, patios, and decks.


Window and Door Installation

Windows and Doors:

We offer installations for both new construction of homes or offices, as well as we can do replacements.  Replacements can be an especially good idea if it’s been a while since you’ve originally had your doors and windows installed and also if you desire newer, more energy-efficient ones to be put in place!


Exterior Siding Installation and Stucco

Siding and Stucco:

Mueller knows that every property is unique. Our technicians will work closely with you to determine your specific siding or stucco needs and then provide you with the right solutions to ensure long-term utility and prevent faster degradation that results in costlier repairs. When you choose us, you get our extensive experience in siding services, a wide range of high-quality construction materials, and our expert employment of both traditional and modern techniques. We are a trusted siding company because of our commitment to quality, our respect for our customers, and our willingness to communicate. We meet the commercial, residential, and industrial needs of our community, are fully licensed, and carry a full line of insurance.


Deck and Patio Installation

Decks, Pavers, and Patios:

We are glad to offer you construction, renovations, or repairs for decks made of a range of materials.  Typically we work on decks made of vinyl and wood composites as well as natural wood.  Some of the most common types of wood we use and see used include cedar, mahogany, redwood, Brazilian hardwoods, and pressure-treated lumber.  Each material has its own advantages and is best for specific situations and needs and we would love to help you decide what is best for you and your family.Hardscaping is meant to be all about creating sustainable, visually perfect permanent, non-living features of a landscape.  Mueller incorporates hardscapes into a project to be both practically sound and aesthetically satisfying and beautiful. We install all of our hardscaping with craftsmanship and attention to detail to guarantee a long-lasting and beautiful addition to your outdoor home or commercial building’s space…


Fencing Installation


Whether you need a Residential Fence for privacy, a Commercial Fence for security, or just fencing to define your property, we are the South Florida Fence Contractors that will install your fence right the first time.